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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Doggy Report and the Hailey Park Thick Ear

I haven't given anyone an update on our three lil' doggies for a while, so I'll take the time now, if no one minds.

Pull yourselves up a stool, grab a sandwich and listen up ...

Those of you that had met Clover when she first came to TOP would remember a timid and very scared little lady that was afraid of her own shadow.  Now she is a confident (to a degree) dog that actually looks forward to outings in the park.

She has come on in leaps and bounds (literally) over the last year and a bit and is now confident enough to go towards people for a little fuss and attention.  She no longer has her extraordinary fear of cars and vans and no longer attempts to run into every drive way in order to hide or get into someone else's house.  She will run after Sym, or Sox, and has been known to go on her own little explorations into the wilderness.  She always keeps her daddy in sight, though, and comes straight back when she hears a whistle.

I am very proud of her achievements.

Sox, on the other hand, is her usual cantankerous old self.  She always keeps an eye on us when we go out, but likes to be a little way ahead at all times and, although she knows our route well, always manages to look surprised and somewhat annoyed when we change direction and she has to run to catch up.

Sym, of whom I am the daddy in name only, runs around the trees looking for squirrels to aggravate.  After his initial 'scare the buggers to death' charge, which never seems to result in a squirrel snack, he positions himself some distance from me and strikes the typical collie '"I'm waiting" pose.  This is my cue to throw his tennis ball as far as possible for him to chase after.  This routine, minus the squirrel part, is repeated again and again on out circumnavigations of the park and is only interrupted by the discovery of a puddle, new smell or poo-time (yes!  I pick 'em up!).

Today's walk was no different and we were about to set off on our third circuit when I decided to do something I normally wouldn't do ... throw his ball over the bushes to let him search for it (which he would successfully do).

On this occasion I threw the ball and he took off after it.  As I stepped off to follow him, something heavy struck my shoulder then bounced up and dinged me in the left ear!  I nearly sh....had an accident!

At the same time my ear was being dinged,  a voice from behind the bushes said "Oi! Watch what you're doing"!

Still hearing the ringing of many bells in my poor old ear, I set off to investigate, taking the with me the object that struck me: a solid rubber, multi-coloured ball.

On the other side of the bushes, I found not only Sym (ball in mouth), but also an elderly couple with a golden retriever.

"Was that your ball?" demanded the man.

"Yes" I replied.  "Didn't hit you, did I"?

"No, but was damned close." came the vexed reply.

I showed the man the hard rubber ball and asked "Is this one yours?"

"Yes. Thanks" he said, now slightly sheepishly.

My ear was still smarting as I said "I wasn't so lucky and I copped it right in the lug-hole,  mate.  Ta very much"!

We parted at that point.

The rest of our walk was, thankfully, painless and uneventful, 


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  2. Consider your yourself 'ticked'


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