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Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I have always wondered how women, when gossiping in the street, can stand there, legs crossed, and not be accused of needing a toilet!

If men did that, we would have people pointing us in the direction of the nearest loo or, which is more likely, have a small crowd gather to await the opening of the flood gates!

And why is it that women can gossip for soooooooooooooooo long?  With men it's a quick case of ...

"Hi!  How'ya doin'?"
"Fine! You?"
"I'm good!"
"Gimme a call sometime and we'll go for a beer."
"Cool! See ya!"
"See ya!"

But with women ...

... it can be endless! And over the most mundane stuff too!

Why is it that old folks never get stopped by the police for not wearing their seatbelts in the car?  I once got stopped for not having my seatbelt on and I was still in my own driveway!

And another thing ...

Why to traffic wardens ALWAYS appear when I have to spend a penny and have parked my car (briefly) on double yellow lines?  And why do they still write you a ticket even when they've said "Yeah!  's  ok" and even though I was only gone for two minutes?


I have a whole bunch of "why's", but I know no one is interested, so I'll show you two of my favourite doggy snaps instead.

Sox (left), Sym (middle) and Roshini (right)

Dinky (left) and Clover (right)


Now I feel better!

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