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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Nostalgia Bites You When You Least Expect It

I like old films and TV shows.

After reading an article by Pearl I was reminded of all those old shows and films that I used to enjoy so much as a kid.

'Thingy' and Wally Brennan
Pearl used the words "dagnab it" in her post and I immediately thought of good ol' Walter Brennan (on the right, in case there is any doubt. I forget the other guys name).

I can remember many a Sunday afternoon watching all those old western's (although they weren't quite so old back then).  I used to own a pair of silver six guns with a studded double holster and I would rescues many a good woman from marauding Indians or dastardly bad guys.  I probably even did that pretend-you're-riding-a-horse kind of run, slapping my backside as I went. If I did, then I was probably no different to any other kid of that time.  Westerns were the big thing in those days, much like the late 70's and early 80's when the Vietnam war dominated the action film scene.

Matt Dillon (James Arness)

TV in that period seemed to be mostly cowboy and detective shows ... Bonanza, Rawhide ... and who could forget Matt Dillon (James Arness) in Gunsmoke.

Amos Burke (Gene Barry)
And Gene Barry strutted his stuff in Burke's Law, The Name of The Game and the Adventurer.

And there was Z-Cars ... our very own home-made police drama. 
Who could forget that famous line "B D to Z Victor one" as they called up assistance when faced with a serious crime ... such as the time Betty Grimthorpe's cat Tiddles was inexplicably late coming home from his night-time wanderings ... classic!

Oh, we had some great shows ... imported and home grown ... which I would just love to carry one listing for you but it's probably better to leave you to your own memories of your own era.

Sometimes, I wish I could re-live those days, but not just for the TV shows.  

Just for the joy of being young again.


Although I can't go back to those days, I am still blessed with a magnificently childish sense of humour and nature that will forever remain unrivalled by the young of 'today' ... in whichever 'today' we happen to be in!

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