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Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Everyone has fears.

We all have at least one niggling fear that has lodged itself in our brain and refuses to go away until it is faced ... head on, as it were.

My greatest fear used to be a fear of flying ... until I realised that 'flying' wasn't really the problem.  Since that day, I can board any aircraft without a cold sweat forming and without needing to go to the loo.

My problem now is that during the flight, the fear of 'landing' grows and grows until every muscle in my body begins to ache as I begin to tense up.

You see, there is only one correct way to land a plane, but there are so many wrong ways.

Every time a plane graced with my presence on board successfully negotiates a landing, my body takes on the physical properties of a rag-doll as all of my muscles 'un-bunch' at the same time.

When the plane comes to a halt, the urge to run into the cockpit and kiss (in an Italian greeting sort of way, you understand ) the pilot is sometimes overwhelming.

Another fear is the 'job interview'.  Who hasn't sweated blood fearing the interview that may, or may not, land them a dream job?  I managed to get myself over this fear by imagining my interviewer as sitting on the toilet and, having just 'landed a jumbo', has just discovered that the toilet roll is empty!

But, my all-time biggest fear ... which sometimes wakes me at night ... is having to make the decision, when the time comes, to end the life of one of my dogs.

I know that it may be a necessity in order to end suffering or pain ... but they are 'family'!

I know I will do what needs to be done when the time is right.

But it will be hard.

Very, very hard!

Call me a wuss if you like, but I love my dogs!

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  1. Oh fears yeah we all have them. Mine would be getting beatin' or knifed to death without ever being able to fight back and kill my assaulter. I know sick isn't it? These are the things I think about constantly. I trust no one and am always looking behind me. I study every strangers face and am always ready to defend myself. I know a few people afraid of flying and a few others are afraid to be alone. Fears are a very powerful thing they could actually stunt some people, keep them trapped to a certain degree.


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