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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

When Things Go 'Ping' ....

... things go blurry!

Polo-shirts and spectacles do not go together.

When I dress in the morning, my glasses are always the last thing to be 'put on' ... usually.

This morning (1 hour ago), for some reason that I can only think of, and describe as, a "brain cloud" incident, I put my glasses on before my polo-shirt.

Not a bad thing 'per se'.  With a little care you get the damned thing over your head and pull it down with no difficulties.

Not so this merry morning.

There was a snagging and a tugging and a tussle broke out between myself, polo-shirt and glasses.

It was short and bloodless, but not without damage.

A button 'pinged' off my polo-shirt and flew behind the dresser.

My glasses 'pinged' in the middle and I became the proud owner of a set of monocle's.

That was an hour ago ... now I have a headache.

I knew I should have got some spare glasses instead of cancelling my opticians appointment!

(Apologies for the poor quality of this post, but a combination of frustration,a headache and pure stupidity is very difficult to cope with when you are still half asleep ... and I can't see the spelling mistakes)

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