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Friday, 2 July 2010

The daily grind ...

... is getting to me!  Day in, day out I'm up at 6 am then I race around the Cardiff area trying to get to my clients in time.  Traffic is fine at 6.45 am and I can manage the first two without a hitch, but after about 7.30 am it becomes a horror on wheels!  I just want to give all those people who are trying to get to work when I ALREADY am working a bloody great slap and send them home.

OK, so I know it's the same for everyone and it's a similar problem in almost every other town or city at that time in the morning, but hey ... I'm important!!!

Sorry for shouting ... it's just that I have to go out again in a few minutes and I just know all those learner drivers are going to be out there stalling their cars in front of me time and time again.

Buses*?  Don't talk to me about buses!  I have to drive down Sloper Rd., past the bus station and every morning the bus drivers block the road to let their colleagues get their charabanc's out, leaving me (don't care about anyone else) stuck behind a convoy of them.

Oh!  And if that's not already enough to make me pull my few remaining hairs out, the office want me to do an extra call this evening in Aberdare!!!  I won't get home until after 9 pm!

Where is the justice?

* Buses;  quite often misspelled as "Busses".  I am sure that my reader will be aware that busses refers to those of the electrical (computer) kind (as in Universal Serial Bus or USB) and not the wheeled, passenger carrying  variety.  
Mind you, the yanks spell everything wrong, so maybe it's correct for them.

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