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Wednesday, 7 July 2010


The 'other place'* is running a World Cup sweepstake.

With the second semi-final to be played tonight, that leaves only three teams that could win the coveted trophy.

 Germany (Symdaddy [me])

 Spain (Dilly)

 Netherlands (Maggieann)

There appear to have been no further updates on the 'other places' sweepstakes thread as the team of the person that started it all has long since gone home.

Tonight two of the best teams face each to decide who will face Holland in the final.

My tip has always been for Germany (14/1) as for some unknown reason the German national team always has that 'tournament' attitude even when their team is not the strongest or most talented. 
Spain (9/2), on the other hand, have a team full of talent but have not really let their dominance of games translate into the rout's that were predicted.

It will be a close call tonight, but I will be waving the German flag in one hand and eating a bratwurst with the other, hoping for another German demolition job on the Spanish.

*the place they don't want me to mention

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