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Thursday, 15 July 2010

To Quiz or not to Quiz?

I have been taking part in this months quiz thingy that was started for members of the "other place's" forum to have a bit of competitive fun.  I haven't done it since ... ooooo! ... since about March of this year, as the questions were becoming too repetitive and in certain sections I found myself able to answer the question just by looking at the answers and clicking the right one. In most cases I never even read a word of the question in order to know the answer.

This repetitiveness made it easy (at times) to whiz through all ten questions in as little as 30-35 seconds which was considered highly suspicious by some of the other quizzers.  My next-door neighbour was convinced I was using a 'auto-fill' programme to answer the questions for me.
This was not an idea that I discouraged ... in fact, I may even have planted the seed of that thought myself.
It is however untrue.

In truth, I'm just a pretty brainy sort of  modest genius.

However, this time around I have deliberately missed three days of quizzing.  I intend to prove that I can still hold my own ("his own what?" I hear you cry) against the likes of  INDYDOG, Turtlebum, Will and DextersMum.

In today's quiz INDYDOG has just scored a creditable 9/10 in 60 seconds, bumping DextersMum (the one to watch) into second place with 8/10 in 62 seconds.  The topic by the way is "General Knowledge 4 : Harder" which is, at times, a major problem to most players especially when they ask questions based on obscure American TV shows or celebrity's.

Anyway, the reason for this post is purely to wish everyone luck and to assure you all that "the best man" will win!  

Down, Ego!  Down!


  1. Not me - I acknowledge freely that my memory banks are crook, but you've obviously haven't noticed that Indy beat you today some females have this week lol

  2. I think its more likely that the best WOMAN will win :-D

  3. well you're lucky that Fran and I are too polite to gloat lol

  4. I have played, on average, 3 games less than anyone else in the top ten.

    Lets be generous and say that's only 8 pts per game = 24, giving me a total of 178, not including today's pts. That would make me equal 3rd, would it not?


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