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Monday, 5 July 2010

Writing stuff

There appears to be a slump in readership of my blog.  I reckon I'll never be famous now!

But, as I write whatever comes into my mind (whenever my two brain cells collide) for my own benefit (mostly), it doesn't really matter.  I write basically for my own amusement, although the egocentric side of me does get a kick when the numbers of my hit-counter get racked up.

I like words and, although I'm no writer,  I like to put them through the hoop occasionally.  I know I'm no Shakespeare or Douglas Adams but I do like to tickle the keyboard just to see what appears.  It's never exciting, is rarely funny and is sometimes just a long-winded moan, but it's mine ...all mine!

Words can be wonderful and powerful things.  They can shape and mould the world around you (for as long as you read them);  be your worst critic or your most ardent supporter; have a tendency to bite you in the bum when you slap them onto paper without checking exactly what it is you've written.  I have been bitten on a number of occasions.

Unfortunately, the art of writing does not flow though my veins and my skills are limited, but every now and again I surprise myself by turning out a poem that can actually put a smile on someone's face or bring tears to their eyes.  It happens vary rarely, but when it does, It's a nice feeling.

My pet hate, which I have also fallen victim to, is the misspelled  word.

Spell checkers are great, aren't they! 

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