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Friday, 16 July 2010

Toothpaste ads on TV

Don't they just pee you  right off?

"To see just how good our stuff is, just smear it onto the sensitive tooth and drink this ice-cold water eat this ice-cream" they say.

O.K!  All you are doing is 'plugging' the hole in your tooth for a second or two!  The toothpaste isn't actually stopping your tooth from being sensitive to hot or cold drinks in any way other than as a plug!

You could to the same thing with crab paste / meat paste / putty!

I hate those kinds of ads 'cos they really do rely on the gullibility of the public in order for them to sell their product.

I'm not saying that constant use doesn't help make your teeth less sensitive (don't want a law suit, do we?).  I'm just saying that the method they use on T.V. to demonstrate them is a complete and utter sham that can be done with any amount of 'hole-filling' products.

I'm sorry to have taken up your valuable time with this minor rant, but I do feel better for getting it of my chest and sharing it with you all.

May the Lord take pity on your choppers and prevent the need for such products ... or putty!


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