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Sunday, 11 July 2010

World Cup, the Sweepstake and the Paranoid dribbler

I am sooooooooooo not looking forward to today's World Cup Final!  I don't want either team to win it but, as one of the has to, I hope it will be Holland.  The Spanish though, will probably pull the wool over the ref's eyes and "swan-dive" their way to a win.

I can't complain really though because one of my teams in "the other place" sweepstake came third by beating Uruguay last night, so I am now looking forward to a £10 windfall.

I am no longer a member of the "other place's" forum (  I left due to the abuse of powers and intolerant nature of the moderator ) and it only remains to be seen whether or not they will pay up.   It wouldn't surprise me in the least if they came up with a reason not to do so.

It is really a great shame that I no longer play a part in the banter on their Forum, but I believe that as long as there is no direct abuse being directed specifically at an individual, or at the charity as a whole, that the moderators should keep a low profile and not interfere. They certainly shouldn't use their powers to invade a locked thread, which was clearly marked as NOT reflecting the policies of the charity or anyone, and aggressively try and impose their opinions onto someone else.  See the following article to find out what I'm going on about;  http://symdaddy.blogspot.com/2010/04/trouble-maker.html

A forum is, after all, a meeting or assembly for the open discussion of subjects of public interest, not a moderator's playground. 

The reason why I mention this is that in recent days when out walking the dogs I have met one or two ladies who foster dogs for "the other place" and whereas they used to say at least 'hello', they now change direction and walk the other way.  Maybe I'm becoming just a little bit paranoid or perhaps my deodorant is letting me down severely ... surely they can't be avoiding me!  Could they?

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