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Monday, 19 July 2010

Needy pups

We are Four Paws,
and we need your backing,
to give stray dogs,
the care they are lacking.

Please read on,
and see if you can assist,
with some of the things,
below in this list.

Could you spare some pennies,
or maybe a pound?
to help us save,
some desparate hound.

Could you foster a dog,
so he'll no longer roam?
could you give it hope,
until we find him a home?

Could you help us to run
a collection or stall,
at your village fete,
or community hall?

Could you open your heart,
to a dog in need,
and give him a home,
as your good deed?

However you help,
whether it be simple or grand,
you'll be lending some pups,
a much needed hand!


  1. Good one on the needy pups, I've got one here at the moment going play crazy with Mac lol
    Has Julie put it on the forum yet?

  2. It's been sent to Kirsty n she can decide what she wants to do with it.


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