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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Open reply to an email

Two months ago I received an email from someone who I won't name.

This person pointed out very politely that they were disappointed to have learned that I employ cruel and inhumane methods a la Cesar Milan in order to train my dogs. I assume that they were referring to to my post on the "the other place" (henceforth "TOP") forum which was critical of some of the evidence produced by various people and organisations claiming his methods were cruel.

At the time I dismissed the email as I had already explained my position on this subject on a number of occasions and deleted it without a second thought. I no longer have their email address, hence this belated "open" reply.  However, the thought that someone out there may think that I am cruel to my dogs and treat them badly has smouldered in my mind for ages and, for the last time and for some peace of mind, some clarification may be needed.  If my peace of mind is all that is achieved, then so be it.

  1. I have never employed the methods of Mr. Milan in the training of my dogs, just treats and patience.
  2. My dogs love cheddar cheese, beef jerky strips, doggy chocolate drops and would jump through hoops, learn to fly and even prepare an evening meal for four just for one of those tasty treats.
  3. Two of my dogs are rescue dogs that have received some horrible treatment in their lives but are now very settled and happy with us.
  4. I reserve the right to form my own opinions and not just blindly follow those of others
  5. I cannot be held responsible for other peoples lack of attention whilst reading my articles.  
  6. I reserve the right to think other people talk tosh (even if they may be right).
  7. My views whilst a member of the "TOP" forum were clearly marked as not being those of the charity or any member of it.
I am not and have never been an advocate of ANY animal trainer (with the exception of the great lady herself,  Barbara Woodhouse [and I don't care what you all think of her. She was brill!]).

I am and always have been an animal lover and our dogs are members of our family and are very well cared for.

To be honest with you all (or both, as the case may be), after typing all of the above, I don't care what anyone may think.  I know that I treat my dogs very well and so do they!

There you go!

I feel better already.   

I now consider this matter dealt with, explained and now ended.  

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