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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Jealous? Not me!

I read Jamie's blog from time to time and she really is quite good at blogging. She writes some funny stuff about her every day life which might tickle your fancy.

Mind you, having said that, the sickly, fawning, A-HO-licking comments from her "followers" really wind me up.
Ok, so she's good at what she does and not ALL the people who post comments are that sickly-sweet with their remarks,  but the ones that are get right up my nose!

Not that they are all THAT sickly-sweet, but you know what I mean ... it's a definition thing, isn't it?

I define "I loved your article today!" as excessively sickly-sweet ...

... although if it happened to me once or twice, maybe I could change my way of thinking.

NO!  I am not in the least bit jealous of her following in any way. Not in the slightest ...

The *&%$££$!!!!!

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