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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Did We All Enjoy Sir Robert Catesby Night?

As  you all know, the 5th of November was, or should have been, Sir Robert Catesby Night.

In 1605, after Catesby's attempts to secure greater religious tolerance under the rule of  King James, he and his co-conspirators (John WrightThomas WintourThomas PercyGuido (Guy) FawkesRobert KeyesThomas BatesRobert WintourChristopher WrightJohn Grant,Sir Ambrose RookwoodSir Everard Digby and Francis Tresham) embarked on a different scheme in which they would replace the King with his 9 year old daughter, princess Elizabeth, by blowing up Parliament, thus killing the King.

As with all good plots ... they were snitched on! 

On the 26 October 1605, William Parker, 4th Baron Monteagle, received and anonymous letter detailing the plans of what we now know as 'The Gunpowder Plot'.

On the 4th of November, a search of parliament revealed one Guido (Guy) Fawkes babysitting enough gunpowder (36 barrels) not only to blow up Parliament, but also a great chunk of surrounding London.

Arrests were made.  

Conspirators fled.  

There was a shoot-out.  

Catesby and others were killed.

But Fawkes and seven other men went to trial and were found guilty on the 27 January 1606.

They were sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered.

Over the years, this plot and it's failure were commemorated in various way, including the ringing of bells, religious services and public gatherings and events.

This has evolved into the bonfire and fireworks spectacle that we now know as Guy Fawkes Night, even though Fawkes was not the ringleader and was just a 'man for hire'.  

But somehow Sir Robert Catesby Night doesn't have the same ring to it.

Really though, it should be called 'cruelty to animals night', 'night of the thick idiots parties' or just plain old 'waste of money night'.

Take your pick out of that lot and call it what you like.


  1. From my son, and I have to admit, though I was indoors making sure my latest foster was ok, as she's a very scared girl, scared of everything, Mark's photo's do show a very good evening. Put on by the Farnham Round Table.
    "thanks that bloke for trying to blow up that building that one time, cos if it weren't for him there wouldn't have been a decent excuse for walking through the streets of farnham yielding a flaming torch, followed by roasted chestnuts and a most impressive firework display."

  2. Nothing should ever have been 'Sir Robert Catesby' night, since Robert Catesby was never knighted. Plain old 'Robert Catesby Night' will do.

  3. You are right Anon! But, hey! I was just being polite.


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