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Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Blunt Art Of Pi$$-Taking And A Mild Royal Faux Par

There a knack to what I do.

Not just anyone can do it, so I s'pose talent is involved too.

I do it ev'ry day, or so it would seem, and I pay the price for it.

At the end of the day though, it's all just fun and no harm is intended.

I've prob'ly done it to you all at some point or other ... I can't help myself ... cos I find nearly ev'rything funny in some way.

Like when Prince William was talking about their university days he said:

 "When I first met Kate I knew there was something very special about her. I knew there was possibly something that I wanted to explore there." (quote from the ITV interview transcript).

I mean, come on!  There's something there ev'ry red blooded male would like to 'explore'.

Her facial expression as he made this remark was one of "Oh William!  Now they'll ALL know we've been at IT!"

So ... if you think I've been taking the pi$$ ... don't worry!  I prob'ly have been, but it's nothing personal.

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