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Friday, 26 November 2010

Me Time (A Reposted TOP article)

(Originally posted on November 05, 2009 [TOP] )

Why do I get up early on day's off?

I blame it on the dogs saying "Someone's got to be there for them" but, the truth is, dog's or no dog's, I'd get up anyway. I've slipped into a routine which, if truth be told, drives me mad cos I like nothing better than to stick two fingers up at the world and carry on sleeping while ev'ryone else is out earning a crust.

But I get so little 'me time'! If I'm not out working  (between Barry and Merthyr most days) then I'm walking the dogs (thinking time) or cooking or .... well, the 'or' is private!

So, I guess what I'm saying (typing) is, that early mornings ... and it doesn't matter when I went to bed the night before ... is my time and my space. I will never be truly 'on my own' because of the dog's, but we have an understanding ... they know the score and settle at my feet; no whining, barking or general making a nuisance of themselves ... and it works!

Do you want to know something? Ev'ryone should 'dribble' on like this in a blog! It helps clear your head of all the jumble that builds up between your ears.

Last night Ben (a past foster dog) surprised me again (the first surprise being his age; he was meant to be 18 months and turned out to be 19 years old) by bolting up the garden and then back again. Clover thought it was playtime and took off after him (she's very wary of Ben cos of his age I think) but at a more sedate pace. Sym showed his utter disapproval by cocking his leg on the rotary washing line and Sox, with her usual 'hard done by' look waited by the door to go back into the warmth.

It took some minute's before all of the dogs sorted out their lower- and upper-case P's but, when they did, an orderly queue was formed at the door ready to go to bed. They all got their bedtime cheese and settled down for the night.

Ben accompanied me upstairs and after his 'safety check' prowl around the bedroom, went to sleep on his hot water bottle. I read my book (a Pratchett) until the early hours (more relaxing 'me time') and then I too closed my peepers.

The dogs are still respecting my space and 'me time' as I type, but Sym is looking at me ALL the time ... he know's 'me time' ends with a trip to the park!

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  1. You still get up early even when you are retired like me because your internal body clock is wired to your brain to get up at the same time.


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