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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Moving House Phenomenon

All those of you that have moved home at least twice will have come across this.

Those of you who have only recently left the comfort of the family home for pastures new, will have parents who have come across it, but you yourself, having probably let your parents do all your packing, will not yet have had this experience.

You  will though ...  one day.

This phenomenon is not one which would entice Mulder and Scully out of their X-Files retirement but it is, nevertheless, a quandary as to why it occurs.

It only occurs when all your bags and boxes are packed and the removal men (if you aren't doing it yourself) are about to take the furniture out to the truck.

You do a final check to ensure everything is secure and then you find the one item that is always left in a drawer.  Something you can't remember buying or, if you did, certainly never left in that drawer.

Yes ... as someone who has a multitude of house moves behind me ... I know that when all is ready to go, this  item will be found.


I refer, of course, to the paper-clip!

It's ALWAYS there!

Go on.

Deny it.

I dare ya!


  1. The last time i moved house 10 years ago i couldn't find the rubbish bin lid anywhere in the moving truck or the last place i lived at, it just disappeared into thin air.

  2. All I can tell you is that I have over 30 paper-clips in my possession and I SWEAR that I've never bought at any time!

    I have half a dozen staplers and prob'ly more than a million staples!

    Paper-clips are sooooooooooooo primitive!


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