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Friday, 12 November 2010


You know,  I really wanted to post something snappy with bite and humour, to start everyone's weekend off in the right way.

But you know what?

I can't really be bothered!

For the last seven days I've been out of the house by 6.30 am and worked hard all day for the traditional wage of Platyrrhine and Cercopithecidae* the world over.

In the evenings (with Julie) I've been decorating!

I am now officially very tired and not in the mood to blog so here's a silly joke for you all instead ...


Animal rights campaigners protested against American forces deploying defenceless sheep onto the battle field.  The protest ended peacefully after it was revealed that the sheep wouldn't be defenceless at all ... they would be armed with Maaaaaaaaaaa-chine guns!!! 

(from  Robert, a client)

* Which means I work for PEANUTS because ....
Platyrrhine = Old World Monkeys (Africa and Asia: falling in the super-family Cercopithecoidea in the clade Catarrhini)

Cercopithecidae = New World Monkeys (Central and South America: Callitrichidae, Cebidae, Aotidae, Pitheciidae, and Atelidae)

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  1. G' Day From Australia, A lot of people in the world don't even get paid peanuts so you're way ahead of the pack. Fantastic funny joke. Drop by for a visit, my blog has humourous posts that you should get a laugh out of.


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