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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Saturday Evening With A Dog On My Lap

It's X-factor and Strictly Come Dancing night and, as I'm not a fan of either show, I shall be reading blogs with an upside down border collie on my lap.

Well,  I say "on my lap", but he's actually a little too big to be restricted to such a small area of his "daddy".

On top of him (animal welfare people should take this with a pinch of salt) rests my laptop.  Typing is one-handed and therefore a little more difficult than it otherwise would be.


He's a booful dog but a lousy desk!

A cwtch, for those of you not fluent in Welsh, means an affectionate hug and, as there is no literal English translation, it's often taken to mean a safe place.

So, when my boy Sym wants to flop down on top of me, he drops his chin onto the sofa, looks out of the corner of his big brown eyes at his 'mum' and waits for her to say the word.


Now this is the funny thing ...

... he wants to lie on my lap but he won't actually jump up onto me.  

He jumps up beside me, allows himself to fall sideways onto my legs, then rolls straight over into his back.
And there he will stay ... four legs pointing towards the ceiling and tail curled over to hide his bits.

Nothing will move him now until ... well, until I lose the feeling in my legs or it's time for bed.

Once settled, his favourite pastime is the periodical whacking his 'daddy' in the face with his paw.
It's his way of keeping my attention and guaranteeing that one hand continues to tickle his tum.

We've actually been sitting here for over two hours and, truth be told, my legs are numb and I'm pretty much all done with reading blogs.

I know this wasn't my best post, but I thought the stuff about Sym and his cwtch's was appropriate, especially  as he is still under my laptop at this moment.

Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend. 
~ Corey Ford, American writer


  1. Now that, my friend, sounds like a perfectly good way to spend the evening. I have a 20 some pound cat that often takes over my legs as well...with one or another trying to squeeze in between my arms and my laptop. Does make it difficult to type out some wit.

  2. I have to agree with mad woman and say I think that's a wonderful way to spend the evening.

    I use to have a lovable cat who liked to sit on top of my desk while I was writing a letter (which I haven't written a letter in like 10 years), and he would enjoy gently tapping my pen with his paw; causing me to mess up.

    Oh, I miss that cat!

  3. You both should have met my cat Gizzy! Ten kilos of brawn that liked nothing better than lying on his back having his tummy rubbed whilst playfully trying to rip yer arm off!

  4. You've all got it wrong, got to meet my 15 week old rescue kitten, Macey -sorry George got to refer them to the 'other side' http://forum.fourpawsanimalrescue.org.uk/index.php?topic=3784.60

    latest story
    Macey has decided to be the cat from hell this morning, She keeps batting Poppy (foster dog) on the face and head, she's knocked over, but thankfully not damaged one of my figurines by doing a leap that probably could be a record for a kitten She's knocked the book that was supporting my noticeboard since it's not back up on the wall yet, she's jumped from the bath, onto the sink, then up onto the window ledge and knocked off a glass, plastic so it doesn't break and now spooked Poppy by dropping on her head the nail brush. If I didn't know better I may have thought she did it deliberately
    I'm not sure where she is at the moment,just waiting for the next crash to tell me


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