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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Smelly Animals And Well Aired Rooms

One of my dogs has just farted and I swear to you, something must have crawled up it's backside and died!

I have three very ashamed looking animals here at the moment but they are holding firm under intense interrogation and I still don't know which is the guilty party.

Excuse me while I just open all the windows.



You guys out in the Bloggi-verse must love smelly dogs.
After this was posted there were over thirty hits within a minute.

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  1. There's nothing worst than a dog with it's head out of the window of a moving car and the air pressure being forced down it's throat to make him fart like something has crawled up it's backside and died. Sometimes it smells that bad you have to pull onto the shoulder of the road and bail out leaving all the doors open.


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