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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Royal Willy To Be Tied In Knots


There is going to be a Royal Wedding!

The long awaited, but expected, announcement of William and Kate's engagement was made this morning at around 11am by The Prince of Wales (William's daddy).

Congratulation are in order I think

so ...


(I wonder if they'll invite me?)


  1. I heard about this today on the news. So glad they are tying the knot finally. I mean 7 years the poor thing stayed by his side in hopes of this marriage. I swear if they broke up I think a lot of people would of been really upset.

  2. Being Australian born to Welsh parents i'm very elated that Wales is finally getting another Princess.

  3. I am a 'Royalist' at heart and have met Prince Charles as a youngster but the only thing I'm looking forward to with this up-coming wedding is the national holiday (I hope).


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